Maria Pia De Vito - CORE [coraçao]

Lineup: Maria Pia De Vito (voc), Huw Warren (p), Gabriele Mirabassi (cl) Roberto Taufic (g), Roberto Rossi (perc)

Gábor Simon Konzertagentur represents Maria Pia De Vito - "CORE" in Europe except in Italy and France.

Availability: from early summer 2017 on (on request)

Sarau © Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei
Sarau © Fiorenza Gherardi De Candei

‘Sarau’ in Portuguese stands for ‘joyous evening among friends, at home’. And Maria Pia De Vito meets with her great musician friends in just that jovial way, taking the listener on an ideal journey to the Neapolitan 'core' (heart) of an originally “transfigured” Brazil.


“CORE” is the result and synthesis of Maria Pia De Vito’s research started in 2006 with her project “Napoli-Bahia”, exploring and discovering (and revealing!) the wonderful (and amazing!) poetic proximity of Brazilian “art music” and Neapolitan music and language: both fatefully crossbreed and cosmopolitan “sea” cultures - narrated and sung in parallel stories of intensity.


Most propelling for the development and creation  of “CORE” were Maria Pia De Vito’s two albums with Huw Warren (“Dialektos”, 2008, and “‘O pata pata”, 2011), her continuous work with Chico Buarque, whom she has translated many songs into Neapolitan for (such as “Renata Maria” recorded in duo with Ivan Lins), and her productive collaboration with Guinga (in particular the tours through Italy, Brazil and Argentina, and her featuring on his recent album “Porto da Madama” along with Esperanza Spalding, Maria João and Mônica Salmaso).


Maria Pia De Vito’s “CORE” is a world of poetry and improvisation. It is where Neapolitan and Brazilian dances meet, where Tom Zè’s visionary samba and a typical tammurriata [Campanian dance] frame Chico Barque’s masterpiece “Construçao”, and where Egberto Gismonti’s beautiful “Agua e Vinho” naturally mingles with “Voce ‘e notte” (a marvellous example of Naples’ great melodic tradition). “CORE” is the ground of dialogue and interplay between the rhythms of those two places of exceptionally great music, irony and mystical saudade.


The album “CORE” (featuring special guest Chico Buarque!), recorded in Rome and Paris and released on 5th May 2017, has been enthusiastically received as a "unique artistic-cultural masterwork", and the critics unanimously consider it to be Maria Pia De Vito's very best project, the peak of her long, variegated and successful singing career.