Shinya Fukumori Trio

Lineup: Matthieu Bordenave (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Walter Lang (piano), Shinya Fukumori (drums, composition)

Shinya Fukumori, Matthieu Bordenave, Walter Lang ©  Nadia F. Romanini
Shinya Fukumori, Matthieu Bordenave, Walter Lang © Nadia F. Romanini

Gábor Simon Konzertagentur represents Shinya Fukumori Trio worldwide except in Japan.

Available (for CD release tour):

- from 18th February till 3rd March, and

- from 11th till 24th March 2018.

Available also on request.

CD release tour in Japan from 30th March till 14th April 2018.



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Japan, and the Shōwa era music in particular, is in me.


Shinya Fukumori, Munich-based drummer & composer from Ōsaka, Japan, is the new rising star at ECM Records. On his arrival in Munich in 2013, he soon met the two technically and musically brilliant musicians who would become his ideal partners to develop his music project he had been working on for years: French, Munich-based saxophonist-clarinetist Matthieu Bordenave and German, also Munich-based pianist Walter Lang, who both immediately understood the unique nature of Shinya Fukumori’s music making and, given their musical affinity and understanding, delved into the leader’s music world with natural ease. Discovered by ECM chief and producer Manfred Eicher, the Shinya Fukumori Trio have now recorded their debut album for ECM, "For 2 Akis", to be released on 16th February 2018.


Shinya Fukumori ideally, intelligently and impressively combines Japanese tunes from the Shōwa era with (North) European jazz aesthetics. His music is an authentic, genuine dialogue between melodies of captivating beauty (and at times melancholy moods of breathtaking pain when crying mankind’s debris of World War II) deriving from popular Shōwa music culture (Shinya grew up with through his parents and grandparents) and a distinct contemporary chamber jazz idiom that recalls the refined sound poetics of Northern Europe (he has been influenced and inspired by since his studies in the United States). The beautiful tunes and arrangements are given by leader Shinya, but it’s the trio’s both subtle and dynamic collective interplay with plenty of space for improvising - with Matthieu Bordenave’s sublimely velvety playing, Walter Lang’s singing piano (with his unique touch) and Shinya’s free creative drumming and cymbal work - that makes the music bloom and become poetic fireworks.


I have never considered myself a drummer. I am a melodic player. Melody is a significant quality in my music. Beautiful melodies with simple harmonies. I hear chords all the time. I like playing chord changes. I create free time compositions. I am not interested in just keeping time, for time is always there, already given anyway.


Shinya Fukumori (Ōsaka, 1984) had already studied the violin, the piano and (his brother’s:) guitar when he picked up drumming at the age of 15. After Beethoven and Japanese folk tunes it was rock music (Deep Purple, Jimi Hendrix) he was listening to. But then came the turning point: he attended a concert of the Chick Corea New Trio (with Avishai Cohen and Jeff Ballard): “I had never heard anything like that before.” He then knew: he would become a jazz musician.


Shinya Fukumori moved to the U.S. at the age of 17 to attend B.T. Washington HIgh Shool. He moved on to Brookhaven College and UT Arlington, where he performed a lot with local bands and, most important for his shaping up, played with big bands on a weekly basis (and in UTA every day!). He finished his studies at Berklee College of Music in Boston, where he received several awards. A short while after graduating (with magna cum laude), he moved to Europe, i.e. to the jazz scene he knew would suit his musical style best.


Shinya Fukumori got more and more engrossed with listening to the ECM catalogue during his years at Berklee: Keith Jarrett’s “My Song”, Ketil Bjørnstad’s “The Sea”, Eberhard Weber’s “Colours” and Pat Metheny’s albums had a huge impact on young Shinya. He devoured recordings with Jon Christensen, who was to become a major inspiration and point of reference of Shinya’s for his new way of conceiving time, for his extraordinarily creative time-free playing. Shinya had a dream: to record for ECM.


Shinya Fukumori’s dream has come true: he and his two outstanding companions Matthieu Bordenave and Walter Lang recorded their ECM debut album at the studio “La Buissonne” in the South of France in March 2017, together with legendary producer Manfred Eicher, whom Shinya actually considers “the fourth musician” on the recording for his being “fully in the music with us” and his creative suggesting different ways of communicating as a trio.


The CD “For 2 Akis” will be released on 16th February 2018.


Young, outstanding reed player Matthieu Bordenave from Southern France began his studies with classical saxophonist Christian Charnay in Annecy. At the age of 17 he moved to Paris to study at the national conservatory (CNSM), where he attended workshops with grand personalities such as Chris Potter, Louis Sclavis, Paolo Fresu, Marc Johnson and renowned bass-clarinetists Jean-Marc Volta and Philippe-Olivier Deveaux. He accomplished his education at the Musikhochschule of Munich. Besides performing (with some of Germany's most active and creative musicians including Henning Sieverts, Christian Elsässer, Florian Weber) and recording (“Some Other Time”, 2011, village pond records; “Le Café Bleu International”, 2014, Enja Records; “Inverted Forest” with Geoff Goodman, 2015, Doublemoon Records), he teaches in Munich and Landshut. Matthieu Bordenave is a Selmer Artist.


Swabian pianist Walter Lang (acclaimed worldwide for his own trademark piano playing and composing skills) studied piano and composition at the Berklee School of Music in Boston and finished his studies at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. In 1988 he co-founded the Rick Hollander Quartet: countless tours through Europe, Japan and America followed, and five recordings; and a 1st prize at „Europ‘ Jazz Contest“ in Hoeilaart (B) in 1990. Walter has led his own Walter Lang Trio since 1999 in various lineups. The trio have released numerous successful and awarded CDs, touring all over the world, enthusiastically hailed in Japan in particular. In 2005 he founded Trio Elf with Sven Faller (b) and Gerwin Eisenhauer (dr): success was to reward the trio very soon, both through their concert tours and recordings. Outstanding - among his other manifold projects (his World Percussion Ensemble, Yuujou, Trio Daktarimba, etc.) and collaborations (James Moody, Chico Freeman, Roy Hargrove, Dusko Goykovich, etc.) - is his duo with Lee Konitz.