Tarkovsky Quartet

Tarkovsky Quartet © Nadia F. Romanini
Tarkovsky Quartet © Nadia F. Romanini

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 Projects (scroll down for info):

- NEW project "Nuit blanche". Available on request.

- Sculpting in Time - Le temps scellé. Available on request.

"Nuit Blanche" (NEW CD out on 7th April 2017)

Lineup: François Couturier (p, comp), Jean-Marc Larché (ss), Anja Lechner (vc), Jean-Louis Matinier (acc)

Following on from the ECM recordings “Nostalghia – Song for Tarkovsky” (2006), the solo piano album “Un jour si blanc” (2009), and “Tarkovsky Quartet” (2011), François Couturier continues to compose music of compelling beauty for his original Tarkovsky Quartet. He continues to draw inspiration from films, but has now expanded his frame of reference.


This time, delving into and reflecting the aspect and dimension of the ‘dreamlike’ in works of cinema (the eerie phenomenon of uncertain distinction between real and imaginary, or what André Breton might call a sort of ‘surréalité’), Couturier refers to masterworks by filmmakers such as Akira Kurosawa, Luchino Visconti, Ingmar Bergman, ... and, of course, revered Andrey Tarkovsky.


François Couturier has absorbed and brilliantly set to music the poetic abundance of extraordinary scenes and chimeric characters of that particular film universe. It is once again new original chamber music with its unmistakably own and unique sound texture: very distinct, distinguished, emotionally profound compositions, enriched by compelling, creative collective improvisations.


“Mixing classical rigour with improvisation both formal and free, what emerges is austerely beautiful, etched in sombre hues and redolent of an unslakeable thirst to connect with a deeper well of the spirit.” (Irish Times on earlier “Nostalghia - Song for Tarkovsky”)


The new ECM-CD "Nuit blanche" was released on 7th April 2017.


Sculpting in Time

A Tribute to Andrey Tarkovsky (1932-1986)

Lineup Tarkovsky Quartet: François Couturier (p, comp), Jean-Marc Larché (ss), Anja Lechner (vc), Jean-Louis Matinier (acc)  

Concept & video: Andrey A. Tarkovsky Jr

Great admirer of Andrey Tarkovsky’s work, French pianist François Couturier had made a tribute to the famous Russian film director dedicating three records to him, a trilogy composed and recorded for the label ECM Records from 2006 to 2011.


The idea of an audiovisual project originated in 2006 during an encounter between François Couturier and Andrey A. Tarkovsky, son of the filmmaker. After years of important common concert experience on stage with “Nostalghia – Song for Tarkovsky”, they conceived a completely new and captivating live show: “Sculpting in Time [Le temps scellé] - A Tribute to Andrey Tarkovsky”, created and produced at Fondation Royaumont in 2012.


In “Sculpting in Time”, the music of Couturier’s Tarkovsky Quartet wants to be a reflection of the film director’s pictorial universe, becoming in its turn mirror and source of inspiration for the images, that is, with Tarkovsky Jr reacting to the music of the quartet with real-time projections and reproductions of pictures, Tarkovsky’s polaroids and extracts from film archives; scenes from the movies ‘Andrey Rublev', ‘Solaris’, ‘The Mirror’, ‘Stalker’, ‘Nostalghia' and ‘The Sacrifice’; and also original film soundtracks, extracts from The Apocalypse of St. John, and poems by the director’s father Arseny Tarkovsky.


During the show, the audience is literally drawn into Tarkovsky’s mysterious, poetic and spiritual universe. Much more than merely giving a didactic overview of the film director’s life, art and genius, “Sculpting in Time” wants to be a place and time of emotional encounter, a tribute to the memory of a great artist.

Andrey Tarkovsky with son Andrey A. "Tiapa"
Andrey Tarkovsky with son Andrey A. "Tiapa"