Daniele di Bonaventura / bandoneon, piano

Daniele di Bonaventura © Sara Deidda
Daniele di Bonaventura © Sara Deidda

Gábor Simon Konzertagentur represents Daniele di Bonaventura worldwide.

Projects (scroll down for info):

- Band'Uniòn - Quartet.

- Mare Calmo - Duo Daniele di Bonaventura & Giovanni Ceccarelli.

- Ritus - Solo.

- Sine Nomine - Daniele di Bonaventura & Vertere String Quartet.

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Band'Unión (Quartet)

Daniele di Bonaventura (bandoneon), Marcello Peghin (10-string g), Felice Del Gaudio (db), Alfredo Laviano (perc)

© Giorgio Vergnano
© Giorgio Vergnano

“In his hands the bandoneon turns into a chamber orchestra!”

(Pierre Favre)


Daniele di Bonaventura’s projects are often a wonderfully serious yet playful blend between jazz (improvisation, freedom) and classical music (composition, structure) with a strong Mediterranean flair. And so is Band’Uniòn.


Band’Uniòn was primarily founded because of the urge to rediscover and reinterpret music close to their cultural (Mediterranean) roots, but also because of their need of expression through music tout court, be it jazz, tango, ethnic, contemporary music or free improvising.


Band’Uniòn is original and captivating. The band have created their very own sound world. It is music of clear, essential lyricism and simple purity of sound. Rich of moving Latin melodies, and also bearing twists of more aggressive sound producing. Band’Uniòn is a quartet that vehicles genuine strong emotions. Avoiding any kind of empty mannerism or intellectual experimentalism.


After acclaimed “Nadir” (released by Paolo Fresu’s label Tǔk Music in 2013), Band’Uniòn produced their third CD - the live album “Live”, described by one jazz magazine as “artistically perfect” for the four composer-musicians’ telepathic interplay and for their distinct, refined and mature music making and aesthetics.


"Garofani Rossi" ('Red Carnations')

“Garofani Rossi” [Red Carnations] (2018/19) is Italian bandoneonist-composer Daniele di Bonaventura’s Band’Unión Quartet’s latest enthusiastically acclaimed project.

It all started with di Bonaventura’s transcription of “Bella Ciao”, the song of the Italian partisan movement ‘par excellence’. Then came the idea to arrange similar popular songs of revolution, protest and resistance movements for his Band’Unión quartet.

The repertoire of the “Red Carnations” project is a collection of (also symbolically strong) tunes that sing important socio-political moments and changes of numerous countries from all over the world.

Di Bonaventura’s selection is also informed by purely musical criteria: by aspects of melody and harmony, but also by the question of how he could transform the popular music material into new, original art songs for his extraordinary quartet, which are unique for their combination of instruments and thus for their very own sound, and for their being at ease in the worlds of classical, folkloric and jazz music.

“Red Carnations” is dedicated to Daniele di Bonaventura’s dear friend and photographer Mario Dondero, who witnessed the Italian resistance movement and captured lots of pictures of socio-political events of historic importance in over 50 years.

Selfie on stage after premiering "Garofani Rossi" at festival "Wege durch das Land" in July 2018
Selfie on stage after premiering "Garofani Rossi" at festival "Wege durch das Land" in July 2018


Band'Unión backstage at Jazzfestival Basel Off Beat 2017 © bikkio
Band'Unión backstage at Jazzfestival Basel Off Beat 2017 © bikkio

Duo Daniele di Bonaventura & Giovanni Ceccarelli

Mare Calmo

Lineup: Daniele di Bonaventura (bnd), Giovanni Ceccarelli (p)

Giovanni Ceccarelli, Daniele di Bonaventura © Carlo Pieroni
Giovanni Ceccarelli, Daniele di Bonaventura © Carlo Pieroni

“Mare Calmo” - it is hard to believe -  is only their first project together. Already when Daniele di Bonaventura’s bandoneon and Giovanni Ceccarelli’s piano met for the first time, already when setting off a few years ago, the two musicians appeared and established themselves as a perfectly well-blended duo showing total musical affinity and understanding, and have enraptured both critics and audiences since.


Di Bonaventura and Ceccarelli are both classically trained pianists and prolific authors of gorgeous music founded on classical-contemporary structures and the liberties of jazz. Both come from Italy’s region Marche, thus sharing musical erudition and cultural heritage. What is more, they share their authentic need to make music in small instrumental formations to articulate finest nuances and to use moments of space and silence charged with moving eloquence. Finally to give voice to the most original encounter between a bandoneon and a piano.


The poetically enchanting dialogue (and interplay) between the bandoneon and the piano naturally flows along in a subtle balance of written music and improvisation, of blending and juxtaposing - showing manifold qualities of singing, choral, percussive, contrapuntal or purely tonal expressivity.


“Mare Calmo” is top-notch chamber music halfway between classical-contemporary music and jazz, presenting an own distinct Mediterranean flair. To a large extent, it is di Bonaventura and Ceccarelli’s musical homage to their roots, to the land and people of their region Marche. With an emotionally rich, merrily melancholic repertoire made of original compositions and arrangements.


After having a promo video shot at Teatro Marchetti in Marche town Camerino in 2013, di Bonaventura and Ceccarelli recorded the music at the same venue a few months later. “Mare Calmo” was released (by EvArt and, in Japan, by Bar Buenos Aires) in September 2015 - as a CD+DVD-package containing 14 original tunes, an interview with the two musicians, excerpts of various live performances and two short films inspired by the duo’s dreamy, evocative music.


Daniele di Bonaventura © Umberto Bufalini
Daniele di Bonaventura © Umberto Bufalini

Daniele di Bonaventura & Vertere String Quartet

Sine Nomine

Lineup: Daniele di Bonaventura (bandoneon, comp., arr.), Vertere String Quartet: Giuseppe Amatulli (violin), Rita Paglionico (violin), Domenico Mastro (viola), Giovanna Buccarella (cello)

Daniele di Bonaventura from Fermo (in Italy’s Marche region) is a classically-trained pianist-bandoneonist and composer-arranger who has always felt the urge to improvise and has always been open to a wide range of music genres: from early-classical-contemporary music, jazz and tango, to ethnic and world music, also in cinema, theatre and dance production contexts.


Daniele di Bonaventura’s strong (and over ten-year-old) bond with classical Vertere String Quartet from Apulia (who have also performed with grand jazzmen such as Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu and Javier Girotto) is founded on the shared interest in reviving and proposing music related to their origins and common heritage.


“Sine Nomine” is a CD and concert project of heart-stopping beauty that exactly mirrors Daniele di Bonaventura’s approach to music making: it spans from sacred to more profane atmospheres, evolving along a dramaturgically entrancing sequence of themes and five-voiced counterpoints, played with classical rigour and enhanced by creative moments of improvisation.


“Sine Nomine” is not only unique chamber music for its rare combination of instruments and thus texturally distinct soundscape, it is also unique for composer di Bonaventura’s manifold musical references and influences, and thus an asset to venues of both classical and jazz music. Whether it is di Bonaventura’s original compositions or his effective arrangements of Astor Piazzolla or Carlos Gardel they perform, the quintet - free of any stale mannerism or dry intellectual experimentalism - will continue bewitching audiences with their emotionally and spiritually intense rendering of authentic tunes of strong pure lyricism.



Daniele di Bonaventura, pianist-bandoneonist and composer-arranger from Italy’s region Marche, has always “been into” improvisation - in spite of (or because of?) his accomplished classical training (in Composition): At the age of eight he started studying piano, then cello, later composing and conducting. It was only at a later stage he discovered the bandoneon to make it all his own. Since early on his collaborations have extended from classical to contemporary music, from jazz to tango and world music, and from film to plays and dance productions, too.


Considered the best bandoneonist in Italy, Daniele di Bonaventura has performed at most important festivals both in Italy and abroad, across Europe, and in Africa, Asia and South America. He has recorded and performed with: Enrico Rava, Paolo Fresu, Stefano Bollani, Miroslav Vitous, Rita Marcotulli, David Liebman, Omar Sosa, Flavio Boltro, Dino Saluzzi, Javier Girotto, Peppe Servillo, Francesco Guccini, Guinga, Paolo Vinaccia, Mathias Eick and many more. In 2003 he composed, arranged and played his “Suite for Bandoneon e Orchestra” with the Orchestra Filarmonica Marchigiana, and, very recently (and enthusiastically hailed by audience and critics), a revised (and matured) version of it with the Orchestra del Teatro V. E. di Messina.


Daniele di Bonaventura has recorded over 50 albums for labels such as Via Veneto Jazz, Philology, Manifesto, Felmay, Amiata Records, Splasc(H), World Music, CCn’C Records. For Harmonia Mundi Record he composed and recorded his work “Sine Nomine” for Bandoneon and String Quartet. He featured on Miroslav Vitous’ CD “Universal Syncopation II” (ECM), winner (Album of the Year 2007) of the German Record Critics’ Award (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik). For ECM he also recorded “Mistico Mediterraneo” with Paolo Fresu and Corsican vocal ensemble A Filetta. In 2013 he released his double CD “Nadir (Tǔk Music), playing both bandoneon and piano. In 2014 he contributed to the soundtrack of Ermanno Olmi’s movie “Torneranno i prati”. A year later ECM released “In maggiore”, his duo album with Fresu, the recording session of which was filmed by filmmaker Fabrizio Ferraro (the documentary “Wenn aus dem Himmel…” has been internationally screened and recently also released as DVD). The latest output is self-produced “Garofani Rossi” - an extraordinary album of popular songs of revolution and Resistance gathered from around the world, re-arranged for and recorded with his quartet Band’Uniòn.