Thomas Strønen / drums, percussion

© CF Wesenberg
© CF Wesenberg

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- Time is A blind Guide (TiAbG)

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Availability TiAbG in 2018: 1-4 March; 11-15 April; 28 June - 3 June; 3-9 September; 26 November - 2 December; and on request!

TiAbG - Time is A blind Guide: "Lucus"

Lineup: Ayumi Tanaka (p), Leo Svensson Sander (vc), Håkon Aase (vl), Ole Morten Vågan (db), Thomas Strønen (dr/ comp)

Rehearsal at Oslo Opera House, 2017
Rehearsal at Oslo Opera House, 2017

In spring 2017, Thomas Strønen and his ensemble Time is A blind Guide recorded their new album "Lucus" at the marvellous Auditorio of radio RSI in Lugano with ECM master Manfred Eicher. The result? - A true master work! Very special "Lucus" was released by ECM in January 2018. 

Time Is A Blind Guide is, quite simply, a stunning record that stands out in Strønen's already impressive discography as one of his most expansive, cinematic and flat-out lyrical albums to date. An album so compelling that it truly deserves the term masterpiece, in a time when the word "classic" is bantered about far too often, it also creates hope that there will be more Time Is A Blind Guide compositions to come from Strønen's pen...and from this nimble group, clearly responsive and connected to his music at the deepest, mitochondrial level.” 5/5 stars

(John Kelman / all about jazz / 27 March 2016)


Thomas Strønen’s Time is A blind Guide (TiAbG) made of some of Europe’s finest jazz musicians is a true chamber music ensemble with a strong unmistakably own individual group sound, performing Strønen’s compelling compositions, which are informed by a variety of music genres, from traditional folk music to contemporary music.


The quintet combines three elements important to Strønen’s writing: a string trio, a piano trio and sometimes a percussion ensemble. TIAbG deliver extraordinary performances, naturally mastering the delicate balance between challenging and captivating the audience with unique textures, sounds and beautiful melodies.


In a nutshell: even in more free contexts marked by in-the-moment-improvisations (such as in Food with British saxophonist Iain Ballamy, last heard on record with superb “This is not a miracle”, released by ECM in November 2015), Thomas Strønen has always demonstrated a very particular sense of focus and construction. “To hear him work in a more structured environment only supports the sense that he is truly capable of anything.” (John Kelman / all about jazz)

© CF Wesenberg
© CF Wesenberg

Press clips

The leader’s fondness for melody together with complex rhythms – “it’s melodic music with a twist” – make this a beguiling album with many hidden depths to explore over the coming months and years.

( / Peter Bacon, Dec 2015)


With “Time is A blind Guide” Strønen can finally have his big break-through as a composer and bandleader. […] he appears visionary with distinctive and totally original ideas.

Strønen has written exceptionally beautiful and melodious music, and the way he has accomplished it is almost magical.

(Tor de jazz / Tor Hammerø, Nov 2015)


With "Time Is A Blind Guide” Thomas Strønen has made one of his most exciting albums. The result is one feast of an album.

(Dagsavisen / Roald Helgheim, Nov 2015)


[…] an unusual brew of jazz piano, northern-European laments, gamelan and African-influenced grooves from three percussionists. Downes’s fluent avant-swing, alongside Strønen and bassist Ole Morten Vågan, creates the impression of a jazz piano trio finding itself in a room with an ethereal strings-and-drums chamber group, and though some of it is slow and impressionistic, it’s often jazzy and songlike, too. There are warmly acoustic, all-percussion interludes, tone-bending violin passages, and, on the title track, a rocking folk melody and Jarrettish improv against muscular, tone-rich drumming. If crossover means anything, this is a fascinating example.

(The Guardian / John Fordham, Nov 2015)


Melodically, it’s wholesome, almost folky in atmosphere, but there is also a dense rhythmic complexity that provides a balancing darkness.

(The Irish Times / Cormac Larkin, Nov 2015)


Layers of complex rhythms are formed, with a fine melodic network of downright hypnotic effect and with the ensemble’s fantasy of sounds as suggestive as an impressionistic watercolour, living on the participants’ inspired communication and sensitive understanding of reduction.

(Jazz thing / Uli Lemke, Nov 2015)


This is the strongest piece of work I have heard from Thomas Strønen both as a composer and as a bandleader. Food or Time is A blind Guide? I say, yes please, both!

(Dag og Tid / Lars Mossefinn, Nov 2015)