Ferenc Snétberger - with orchestra

John McLaughlin: from The Mediterranean Concerto, 1. Rhythmic

Available/Current Repertoire:
* Ferenc Snétberger: Rhapsody Romanes No 1, parlando romanes, andante.
* Ferenc Snétberger: Rhapsody Romanes No 2, oriental romanes, allegro.
* Ferenc Snétberger: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "In Memory of My People".
* John McLaughlin: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "The Mediterranean”.
* Joaquín Rodrigo: Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "Concierto de Aranjuez”.

Ferenc Snétberger’s instrument is the guitar, his passion is improvisation. "In Memory of My People”, his first composition for guitar and orchestra, delves into the deep cultural roots of his Hungarian homeland. And it does so according to Snétberger’s ideal: with the classical language of the orchestra, and with the soloist’s freedom to improvise.
The actual impetus came in 1995, when several classical musicians around the world were invited to write music on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Holocaust’s ending. Snétberger, of Roma origin, composed his Concerto for Guitar and Orchestra "In Memory of My People." He recorded and then often performed the work with the renowned Ferenc Liszt Chamber Orchestra of Budapest.

Ferenc Snétberger has felt a deep affection for classical music since the beginning of his career. His everlasting love for Johann Sebastian Bach started early in his youth when he attended music school. After his studies at the renowned Jazz Conservatory of Budapest, eager to compose and play original and personal works, Snétberger soon made himself a name as a border crossing guitar virtuoso between jazz and classical music.
Mainly living in Berlin today, Snétberger is acclaimed for having successfully adapted diverse influences and techniques, and originally melted different musical cultures and traditions to develop his very own and unique style. Composing a concerto for guitar and orchestra was only a logical step in his musical development.